Japanese ceramic ware


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The high-quality product which gave the only glaze in six old kilns(六古窯),
and was made for an upper class.
Seto is one of the famous cities that prospered as a representative of the luxury ceramic ware.



For one tea, it is born by originality of Mr.Rikyu.
Since then, a representative of tea Sue snuggling up to a master of tea who pursues the ideal of the master of tea together, and continues making it with a handicraft.


Kiseto, Setokuro, Shino, Oribe are representative image of the gorgeous Momoyama Culture.
It began to an unglazed ware of the Kohun period and walked the history with ceramic ware until today.


The land where smooth clay including the iron content is rich according to the name that "a smooth floor" is said to be an origin.
The teapot is cheap, strong and popular as the daily necessities which can mass-produce.



The Iga ware features a wound and a crack of nature which soil and flame create.
It is ceramic ware liking two peas in a pod made with the same soil.